Free Mobile Data Access to Your Customers

Let us help you turn your Mobile Site into a toll free content.

This helps you to

  • Increase Engagement
  • Create better experience
  • Boost sales

We enable Businesses to increase engagement with customers by sponsoring the mobile data charges when visiting their site or mobile applications. This can increase traffic by more than 70% and maintain interactive relationship with differentiated experiences.

How to Get Started

Mobile Operators

Using our cloud based portal solution, mobile operators around the world can offer sponsored data to subscribers and business customers at a low cost and with easy to start process.

More importantly, through our Global Integration capability, Mobile Operators can benefit from the power of aggregated markets  across all businesses and not only from their own customers, creating a significant growth opportunity.

Benefits for Mobile Operators.

  1. Offer your enterprise customers the Sponsored Data service across all the mobile operators in the served local and international markets.
  2. Faster growth in business segments that may not be feasible to be an early focus.
  3. Simplify the care, integration, and deployment process.

Benefit for Businesses and Enterprise With our Portal Solution:

  1. Businesses can sponsor own mobile sites and applications to pay for their customers data charges when engaging with them. Toll Free Mobile is proven to increase engagement significantly, yielding greater experience and increased sales.
  2. Companies with employees can offer Bring your Own Device (BYOD) policy and make it possible. Our Solution helps companies to track separate billing between business and personal use, and pay for work related mobile data charges only on behalf of their employees at a low cost. It is a simple engagement, eliminating complex and expensive internal processing while saving enterprise Millions of Naira in cost.