Smart Sponsored Data Solutions

Sponsored Data and Campaign Management Solutions:

Zero-rating (also called toll-free data or sponsored data) is the practice of mobile network operators (MNO) not charging the end customers for data used by specific applications or internet services through their network, while allowing a third party to pay for offering this data free of charge to the end customer.

Consumers are motivated by mobile data. Just as consumers will enthusiastically seek out free data on WiFi, they’ll also seek out free data on the mobile network. We have created a partnership that has created an open platform that enables any app or brand to cover the cost of a user’s mobile data on participating networks.

This turns mobile data into a flexible tool that can increase engagement, incentivize trial, and reward loyal users with instant access to toll-free content or data rewards on their bill. It takes just weeks to enable carriers, days to on board apps or sponsors, and minutes to create a campaign.